10.08.18 17:31:12  gamer:   gamers rise up!
10.02.18 14:53:24  Zod:   I would like 5 of them, Jennifer
09.28.18 14:54:13  Jennifer Harrell:   Would you like a new business to add to your existing one?
09.27.18 18:43:12  Sandra:   
09.16.18 11:40:22  zod:   @randy...have you noticed that I don't give a flyin' fuck, dumb ass?
09.15.18 20:20:37  Randy:   Have you noticed that 70 percent of visitors who leave your website will never return? In most cases, this means that 95 percent to 98 percent of your marketing efforts are going to waste, not to mention that you are losing more money in customer acquisition costs than you need to.
08.25.18 19:25:46   :    
07.21.18 16:28:56  Zod:   Is anybody out there?